Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Husky Gas Station Restaurant

This is not a chip truck. It was Father's Day (June 21), and my parents and I decided to go for a bike ride on Hwy 2 from Kingston heading towards Gananoque. We planned to stop at a chip truck, but biked for 15 miles and were unable to find an open one! We passed two closed ones, which was incredibly surprising - any chip truck worth its salt should be open on a sunny Father's Day Sunday! In desperation, we stopped for lunch at the Husky Gas Station restaurant (map), and got club sandwiches (for the meat eaters), veggie wraps (for the vegetarians) and fries. I won't quote the price because it was extravagant, but I will review the chips, as I think they provide a useful counterpoint to what is great about chip truck fries.
We were pretty hungry from our bike ride, so the chips were definitely all eaten up, but they were not the greatest. The major problem was that they were frozen, not fresh cut. I think all but the shoddiest of chip trucks will serve you fresh cut fries, while all but the finest truck stop will serve you frozen. The difference is huge. These french fries had a thick outer layer that was somewhat crispy, but also tasted slightly stale. The inside was pleasantly soft, but didn't have that distinctive potato flavour that characterizes fresh cut fries. Overall, these fries were good for when you're hungry, but probably not worth a special trip.

There is a spectacularly large Canada flag at this truck stop; you can see it for a long distance on the highway. It's hard to see how big it actually is in a picture.

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