Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dutch Boy Fries

When: June 6th, 12:30pm

Where: Princess St. Kingston, beside S&R (Map)

Companions: Jane & Taylor

Exterior: Dutch Boy Fries is a yellow-green and orange truck with an awning over the service window. An ad for the company that presumably did the painting helpfully hangs in the front window of the truck (1000 Islands Painting Inc.). There is a (faux?) stained glass window taking up half the service window. The condiments, napkins & forks are located on shelves on the side of the truck. When we arrived there were 10 people in line, including 3 soldiers. There isn't any seating, but there are lots of benches along Princess St., and you're not too far from the waterfront. There also isn't any garbage/recycling close to the chip truck itself.

Menu: Very basic: fries, hot dogs, sausages, poutine, drinks, period.

Condiments: Ketchup, two kinds of vinegar in squeeze bottles, French fry seasoning + hot dog condiments. In a nice touch, we were offered disposable ramekins to hold ketchup with our order.

The Chips: We bought a small fries, a large fries, two hot dogs and three drinks for $15.00. The fries were served in paper bags with cardboard holders inside. The wait in line was fairly long, but once we got up to the window, the service was quick. The fries themselves were fantastic: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, nicely salted, not too greasy and not too hot. They were medium thick cut and the portions were generous. Both with and without malt vinegar was delicious, and (not to put too fine a point on it), the ketchup containers allowed us to cleanly enjoy ketchup to the end. The hot dogs did not gain such high reviews, as they were boiled and without much flavour, but the fries themselves were definitely top-notch.


  1. Hi Nora!

    I also am a huge fan of the fries here at the Dutch Boy, particularly with white vinegar and the salt + pepper french fry seasoning. The technique of tapping the sides of the bag to distribute the seasoning works will in combination with a few slams on the condiments shelf to shift the fries around. Be sure to put the bottle of vinegar actually inside the fry bag to ensure it gets to the bottom-most fries.

    A great lunch to enjoy on a bench in Confederation Park!

  2. I love the suggestion about putting the vinegar right into the fry bag! I'll definitely try that!