Monday, June 15, 2009

Mabel's Gift & Farm Market Homemade Fish & Chips

When: June 13th, 2:28pm (ADT)

Where: Near Shad Bay, Nova Scotia (Map) We came upon this chip truck driving from Halifax to Lunenburg, near Peggy's Cove.
Companions: Jill & Damien

Exterior: This chip truck is outside a store called Mabel's Gift & Farm Market. A trailer with the menu painted on the side is advertised with a banner-type sign. There is one large picnic table with an umbrella, but you have to be careful getting there, as there's a chasm-like hole between the chip truck and the picnic table.
Menu: Haddock, fries, homemade sausage, onion rings, poutine, pop.

Condiments: Ketchup, regular vinegar in the kind of container that holds maple syrup in fancy hotels, mystery yellow sauce. Although there was a large ketchup container, it was almost empty, and neither Jill nor I were able to get ketchup out without spraying it all over ourselves.
The Chips: We bought a small fries and three drinks for $7.50. The fries were served in a biodegradable paper 'boat' with full plastic forks (although a disapproving look from the owner limited us to 2 forks for our 3-person party). The serving overflowed the container to the point of spillage. The fries were medium-cut and nicely crispy, not too greasy and not too salty. The fries are definitely worth a stop, although overall the truck lost points for the dangerous hole and the messy ketchup situation.

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