Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fish Clams Fries

When: June 14th, 5:11pm (ADT)

Where: Near Cleveland Beach, Nova Scotia (Map) We saw this chip truck driving to Lunenburg, and almost stopped on the way there, but decided our stomachs were full from Mabel's. We stopped in on the way back from Lunenburg to Halifax.

Companions: Jill & DamienExterior: This is a pretty big operation, which I imagine gets pretty busy during the summer, as it is across the highway from a gorgeous beach. The chip truck itself is a trailer attached to a permanent hut. There are 12+ picnic tables, many shaded by patio umbrellas or even plastic 'garages'. There are kid sized chairs and tables, and the whole area is fenced in. Recycling and garbage are available on site. The view of the ocean is spectacular; buying fries here could just be an excuse to stop and watch the waves.
Menu: Clams, chips, poutine, burgers, fish, onion rings, freezies, seafood platter.
Also for sale: ice, picnic tables, aprons and dog scarves. They were also offering $20 gift certificates.

Condiments: Ketchup, 2 kinds of vinegar in spray bottles, mustard, relish

The Chips:
We ordered a small poutine for $5.00. It came in the same biodegradable container as Mabel's, although the serving size was smaller. The plain french fries were not bad. They were quite crispy and soft on the inside, although they were not very hot and not at all salty. The poutine was....not good. I'll preface these comments by saying that I don't think that poutine is the focus in this area (obviously fish & chips is what they do really well), but it was nevertheless on the menu. The cheese was shredded as opposed to curds and relatively tasteless. The gravy was bland, runny, warm brown water. Overall, Damien (a native of Ottawa and therefore a poutine connoisseur) proclaimed it was "slightly better than he could make at home" and you should "come for the view but leave to get poutine somewhere else."

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